Your journey

4seasonsI want you to try and live in line with the seasons, retreat and relax in Winter allowing your body and mind to rest and enjoy the energy of the Spring and Summer. Appreciating the Autumn and allowing your mind to let go of the past knowing a new beginning is coming.

Whilst taking a short break can aid temporary relief from an exhausted mind and body, it is only after we have restored the correct balance between our body and soul, that true recovery will happen.

Live in the moment, practise mindfulness. I want you to look at things differently, if you are doing something that isn’t enjoyable don’t try and force your mind to think of things that are planned for later that you think you will enjoy. Let the time pass and concentrate on every little detail of the task, the water over the dishes, the movement of the brush on the floor, the sound of the birds singing as you do the gardening. Allowing time to pass unforced will promote a relaxed mind.


If we ran for a bus, could we recollect everything we ran past? No. Life is very much like that. We rush so much in life that all the important detail in our life becomes a blur. The routines that have been forced on us have reshaped who we are, I will say it again, do not let this be ok, it’s important that You are able to JUST B U, because it’s only then that you will be happy and fulfilled.

I want you to try a small exercise.

As you walk to work, or through the park or even just walking around your garden at home, I want you to try and focus on the scents around you, the feel of the flowers and grass between your toes. Notice the colours around you and the sounds that you hear. Try and forget any other thoughts or emotions and just let yourself enjoy the simplicity of nature.

Remember that the past has gone, let it be gone, it’s no place to live, live for the now, as you just b u.

Everyone is going to have different goals and so I have made sure that we look at as many of those goals as possible on this site, I encourage anyone with a small business/or who offers a service that can help anyone on their journey to get in touch so we can market and promote you…We look forward to you all being part of this unique journey.

Let’s start with a journey around the world and see the many different wellbeing rituals…

Did you know that Yoga originates from India, it is practiced by many Indian people, India is known for its love of meditation.

Scotland are known to practice Cosagach; it was inspired by Hygge, and means to feel cosy and relaxed and snug. Winter is the season when this is most practised in Scotland due to their harsh winters.

France; Joie de Vivre is a French phrase dating back as far as the 17th century meaning Joy of everything, practised by the French by them putting away their phones/distractions and being present in the moment.

The Norwegians are known for their love of the countryside and celebrating nature, they practice friluftsliv which is a Norwegian word meaning celebrating nature/open air living, even in Winter the Norwegians will embrace outdoor living.

The Danish however practice Hygge but unlike the Norwegians the Danish look for their comfort inside, as opposed to outside.

Some of the best Spas in England can be found in:


The Ushvani which is a Malaysian styled Spa. Offering a beautiful Sentosa Studio perfect for relaxation and practicing the art of Yoga. A private suite is also available for luxury treatments. An incredibly unique experience in luxury surroundings awaits you

The Thai Square Spa also based in London, offering luxurious surroundings in a historical building, treatments include Traditional Thai Massage, Ritual Massage, Oriental Scalp Massage. Elegance and class are guaranteed.

North Yorkshire

Founded in 1897, The Turkish Baths in Harrogate is tastefully decorated in Italian tiles and Islamic arches. Calming and relaxing treatments are available and are perfect for restoring the balance in your body and mind - complementary and alternative therapies.

Described as the hidden jewel of the Yorkshire Dales, Grantley Hall is a stunning retreat set in its own grounds and offering a wellness facility and spa. Treatments include full body rituals and specialist wave facials.


Placed in the historic City of Edinburgh the One Spa is the perfect escape, offering calming and relaxing treatments, guests are encouraged to enjoy the relaxing and detoxifying hot stones. Essential oils and other treatments available.

Offering 5-star Spa and Turkish baths is the Balmoral Spa Hotel located in the centre of Edinburgh. A Michelin starred restaurant awaits you at this magnificent hotel and spa. The opulence of Hotels and spas.

I also want to share with you how to create your own luxury spa at home….

You will need a warm and cosy bathrobe, available from many high street stores and online

Fill your bath with opulence with Hatton Hill’s wonderful Himalayan Bath Salts with rose petals.

Create your own escape, and explore the benefits of luxury essential oils available at:

Open your mind to the secrets of homemade face masks:

1 medium sized banana, mix into a smooth paste, and apply, leave for 10-20 minutes then rinse off with cold water and pat dry.

2 tablespoons of honey, mixed with ¼ of a teacup of natural yogurt, and 1 banana.

Explore more homemade facemasks.

Natures beauties…

peppers carrots

leeks mushrooms

MEALTIMEMeal times

Australia and Norway both eat their last meal of the day late in the afternoon rather than early evening like many countries. The Australians enjoy evening activities which is why their preference to eat earlier suits them. In Japanese cities, the option of eating late in the evening is available but is not looked upon as normal by the local people, who still choose to eat earlier. Paris is known for eating meals as late as 9-10pm, the French also eat their evening meal later in the evening between 7-9pm.

In the UK, many people still quibble over whether its Tea or an Evening meal. Both class and region have contributed to this. Clinicians always advise that we eat earlier in the evening to promote healthy digestion.

I want us to look at the way our lives have changed the way we eat, and how this has impacted on our bodies.

Like many of us, we grab the easiest options.

Take Away Food

Processed Food

Snacks/Chocolate/Crisps etc.

If we include relaxation into our mealtimes, we will learn to appreciate the importance of taste. Relaxing our bodies, removing any distractions, like the phone/work etc. Looking at the food we eat and reminding ourselves of the amazing healing properties that our bodies are benefiting from. Choose different foods, focus on the appearance and colours of the food, and embrace new tastes. Make choices for you, concentrating on foods that make you feel well and that you enjoy, plan time to prepare your meals.

One of the easiest tips I tell people when choosing the right foods in the supermarket, is to look for foods that are still in their natural form, fruits, salad, meats, fish; look for food without additives/artificial flavourings. Experiment by adding fruits and vegetables to your meals.

We are lucky to be surrounded by some of the most amazing places to eat and buy food from, from around the world.

FARMERS MARKETCumbria has a wonderful market in Orton guaranteed to have an array of organic produce, grown by the local farmers.

Borough Market in London is famous for its love of food and drink, with over 100 stalls you are bound to find a culinary delight of your own. People can be seen spending time enjoying the drinks and rare produce, a popular place for Londoners and tourists to the city.

Winchester Farmers Market, plenty of cheese is on offer at this farmers market, with tourists reviews of amazing pies. Whilst this market is a smaller market, good things come in little packages and it’s worth a visit from all.

Be sure to add Edinburgh’s farmers market to your list of must visits, with venison and homemade pies and meat and fish in this wonderful historic city.

Did you know that Spinach is one of the healthiest foods on our planet, packed with Vitamin A and K, and full of energy?

Many people believe that the Mediterranean diet is the answer to a long life, full of fruit and vegetables, and oily fish. Research has proven that this diet reduces blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease.

So what is the drink of choice...?? of course its water! Whilst not the drink of choice for many, water is the healthiest drink there is. Followed closely by Lemon Juice, Green Tea, coconut water, and cranberry juice.

So, what benefits do some of the healthier drinks contain:

Green Tea: Can promote brain function, weight loss, and most importantly is an antioxidant.

Lemon Juice: Packed with vitamin C, promotes digestion and has been said to cleanse the kidneys.

Coconut Juice, Beneficial against diabetes problems and urinary health.

Cranberry Juice: Promotes a healthy heart, reduces blood pressure and is high in vitamin C.

Fine Dining and the history of it:

So, what is a fine dining restaurant?

A restaurant at the higher end, showcasing culinary arts and expensive cuisine.

The very first fine dining restaurant was in New York and opened its doors in the 19th Century.

The French are believed to have started the concept of fine dining. People who had previously worked serving very rich and important people, left their positions and opened their own restaurants, where they used skills gained previously to serve the wider community. Of course it was only the wealthy that got to enjoy the luxury of the restaurants.

Today there are many types of eateries:

Food Trucks/Catering Carts: Mobile units serving fast/take away foods.

Foreign Restaurants: Italian, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Thai restaurants serving food from around the globe.

Bistro: Serving Hot and cold food in a more casual environment, originating in France, but can be found all over Europe.

Buffet Style Restaurants: Sometimes better known as “all you can eat“. Normally food is delivered in a self-service style.

Sobrino de Botin is one of the oldest restaurants in the world and is still running today, located in Madrid and founded in 1725, the restaurant was originally owned by Jean Botin and his wife. On their passing they left the restaurant to their nephew, hence the name Sobrino, which means nephew.

RESTAURANT 3 STARSome of the UK’s most fabulous Michelin star restaurants, sporting some of the country’s most amazing chefs.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay London, is where our very own Scottish chef made his mark in the world of cooking. Service is said to be fabulous and managed by the restaurant’s Maître d Jean-Claude Breton. The standard of the food could be difficult to beat by any stretch of the imagination.

The Waterside Inn Bray, is a three star Michelin Restaurant, owned by Alain Roux, serving exceptional French Cuisine and delivering remarkable service to all who visit. Famous for being the first restaurant to retain its 3 stars outside France for over 20 years.