Founded on a belief in the importance of self care and self love, and we believe that some alone time with crystals and candles is a good place to start!

Our range of fully handmade products is made with care and attention to detail as our top priority is ensuring all our customers feel pampered when receiving one of our products.

We are very proud of our range, and our crystal candles have earned bestseller status on Etsy! Our other products include wax melts, crystals and gemstones and we always ensure we put a lot of thought and consideration into all our new products. We want to ensure we find the best fragrances and botanicals to enhance the properties of the crystals. All our products are vegan, cruelty free and we only ever use ethically sourced crystals. We hope to provide a little bit of guilt-free self-love time to everyone who buys one of our products. xx

Our website is currently on Etsy, and our Facebook is Sienna Blue. You can also find us on instagram sienna_blue_handmade.




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