The Need for a Relationship

There are many people who want to have a partner in life, and it is a healthy wish. They seek someone who will have different strengths and weaknesses from theirs so they can build a life together, and they want to create happiness in their mutual future as a couple. These are two of the most common reasons people date, but there are those who have ulterior motives. They are not seeking a partner to build a life together, but they are looking for a special someone.

While co-dependency has been an issue in and out of modern dating language, it is not the only reason people are looking for a partner to support them through life. There are people who function normally on their own, but they want another person to make their life easy and solve their problems. These people are dating for unhealthy reasons, and anyone who gets into a relationship with them will find life is not as pleasant as they hoped.

Using another person, with or without their knowledge, is the wrong reason for a date or relationship. Dating a person to find out if they can fulfill a certain level of expectations is more of a job interview than a date. If the date has the potential to meet expectations, there will be further dates to see if they will hold up well. When it is discovered they can or will not give up their life to turn someone else’s world into paradise, they will find all future dating plans have been cancelled.

Dating is awkward and difficult without worrying about people who prey on others, and being aware there are people with those goals is important. It is unpleasant to learn that dates have been nothing more than a job interview, but becoming deeply invested in the other person makes it much worse.