Making a Dating Commitment

There are few people willing to commit to a lifelong relationship after only a few dates, so modern dating rituals are often long lasting. People realize their new partner is putting their best face on who they are, and it takes time to see what is behind their façade. For those who are willing to make a chance, they could soon find they have made a huge mistake. Rather than making a commitment for life, they should only be willing to make a dating commitment that will entitle them to end the relationship if it does not work out.

Being with another person in a relationship entails adjustments and compromises, but there should be no expectation by either party to give up everything they hold dear. There are those who seek a relationship just for that purpose, so they need to find someone willing to sacrifice their own wants and needs. If a person is looking for a companion, lifelong spouse or just someone to be with for a few years, they should take the time to get to know the other person before making a commitment.

Life has a bad habit of springing surprises on people, so daters should be aware that what they see at first is not always what they will get in the end. This is one reason that making only a dating commitment is a good idea. Going out for a single date might not reveal everything they need to know about the other person, but dating for a few months could open their eyes completely. It is easy enough to hide bad habits or selfishness for a few dates, but it is more difficult as time passes.

Making a commitment to another person is always a leap of faith, but it should be done with as much knowledge about them as possible. For those willing to take a chance, taking a few extra months to make the decision could be the best way to assess the future relationship correctly.